Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • Anthropology of Jewish Cultures
  • Anthropology of Religious Experience
  • Anthropology of Sport and Games
  • Behavioral Ecology of Religion
  • Construction of Social Reality
  • Cultural Ecology
  • Culture and Religion
  • Evolution of Religion
  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Human Reproductive Ecology
  • Other People’s Worlds (Introduction to Anthropology)

Graduate Coures Taught

  • Advanced Readings in Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Biology and Ecology of Religion
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Economic Anthropology
  • Evolution of Culture
  • Evolution of Sociality
  • Evolutionary Approaches to Religion
  • Exploring the Writings of Roy Rappaport: Ritual and Religion
  • Foundations of Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Human Evolutionary Ecology
  • Religious Pluralism
  • Understanding Religious Experience